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9:38 a.m.

This was fun to do. I saw it in a few diaries, and decided, meh, what the hell. More random crap about me. Enjoy.

Updated on 1/17/04

1. I am 21

2. I am female.

3. I'm a college student.

4. I go to DePaul University in Chicago, IL.

5. I live in Chicago and always have.

6. I am the oldest of three kids.

7. I'm Irish, German, and Lithuanian.

8. I live with my father.

9. I'm not really "close" to all my family, but we get along well enough.

10. I have three best friends who I love and need to get close to again.

11. I have a steady boyfriend.

12. I didn't have any "real" friends like those girls until I was in high school.

13. I went to Mother McAuley liberal arts high school, an all-girls Catholic high school.

14. It was a really great experience overall.

15. I've had boyfriends since I was 15.

16. I got my first kiss at the age of 15.

17. I was "devirginified" at the age of 18.

18. Since then, I've grown in my sexuality.

19. At one point, I was "with" five different guys.

20. Now, I focus on just one.

21. I've been called a "sex goddess" before.

22. My favourite colour is red.

23. I like most shades of red.

24. I'm a practicing Catholic.

25. I cantor for my parish.

26. I am a first soprano.

27. I sing for fun almost anywhere.

28. I am very into music.

29. I have a very eclectic taste in music.

30. I've been getting into J-pop lately, though, thanks to anime.

31. I'm an anime/manga fan whose fandom keeps growing.

32. My favourite anime is Fushigi Yuugi, and my favourite manga is Azumanga Daioh.

33. I'm the secretary of our school's anime club.

34. I'm something of a girl gamer.

35. I play mostly RPG and adventure-type games.

36. I'm a Legend of Zelda fangirl.

37. I'm a moderator at an anime forum online.

38. I mostly do behind-the-scenes work.

39. I prefer that, really.

40. I work in our school's quantitative reasoning department as a lab assistant.

41. It's a relatively easy job and pays pretty well.

42. I used to work at Subway.

43. It was a better job than I'll ever admit.

44. I need to lose weight. Seriously.

45. I don't take compliments well.

46. I spend a lot of my time online.

47. I don't like wearing a coat while driving.

48. I can drive stick shift.

49. I am a DDR freak.

50. I'm almost at Heavy mode!

51. I will own you at Karaoke Revolution. ^^

52. I'm not good with outright conflict.

53. I cry a lot more than people know.

54. I physically cannot burp.

55. I'm slightly asthmatic.

56. I used to be involved with theatre.

57. I did stuff both on and off stage.

58. I loved doing sound.

59. I'm good at organizing things.

60. Conversely, I'm a slob with my own stuff.

61. You don't want to see my room. ><

62. I only watch cartoons.

63. I prefer Cartoon Cartoons over Nicktoons, mostly.

64. Wait, I lie--I also watch Will and Grace on occasion.

65. I prever movies over TV.

66. I saw all three LOTR movies at midnight CST.

67. I am a big LOTR fan, both of the books and of the movies.

68. I read mostly fantasy novels.

69. Off on a tangent, I hate the connotations this number has, and what people always think when they see it.

70. My favourite fantasy author is David Eddings.

71. I'm also a big fan of the Dune saga.

72. I have three cats -- a mommy and two babies.

73. Baby Neko loves me. ^^

74. Baby Gato claws me. :(

75. I want potstickers!

76. I've been obsessing over Chinese food lately -- I eat it about twice a week now.

77. I'm a morning person.

78. I'm very good at things to myself.

79. I'm learning to be disciplined again.

80. I'm an English major.

81. I either wat to teach at college level or work on book editing.

82. My focus would be on 18th century British literature.

83. One day, people will call me Dr. Abby.

84. I am a coffee person.

85. I take regular coffee with cream and six sugars.

86. No. Really.

87. I have three stuffed cows named Norman.

88. I have a sword.

89. I want to learn how to use it.

90. I'm oversensitive and take things way too seriously most of the time.

91. I like flowers.

92. I like to dance, even though I'm not very good at it.

93. I swear rather usually shocks then amuses my students.

94. I wish I would wear many of the outfits in FFX-2.

95. I haven't travelled a lot, but the places I have travelled to range from Indiana to Sweden.

96. I like to write, but I've had a block lately.

97. I like winter and watching it snow.

98. I like flash cartoons.

99. I like to snack while I wonder I'm fat. ><

100. I hope this was a little different. ^^

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